Introducing Broker (IB) Program

Our Introducing Brokers (IB) program is designed to reward traders who refer wholesale clients to Ruizean Trader. Once a new client has opened a real trading account and deposited funds into this account, you will receive a commission based on your client’s trading activities which will be automatically deposited into your account.

There is no limit to the amount of commissions you can accumulate over time, making this an ideal and additional source of income. These referral fees are customizable to meet your unique business requirements.

IB Support

When you become a member of our IB program, you will have access to our experienced support personnel, who will answer any of your questions.

Customer tracking system

All customers who you refer to Ruizean Trader are assigned a specific customer number with a tracking code, so that all of their transactions are recorded, ensuring that you receive the correct amount of remuneration at all times.

Exclusive IB Manager

An IB manager is always available for advice or guidance to new customers referred to us by our IB program members. They will help your referred customers to open an account and provide ongoing management and support.


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